"Helping orphans has been a lifelong passion of Tammy’s . Having been born an orphan back in the 60’s, she went through foster care as well as the adoption process here in the United States. Though she felt as an outsider looking in most of her life since she was placed within a family of children who were naturally born to the parents, she nevertheless, feels blessed that she had a roof over her head and food to eat. “We don’t realize how many orphans there are in the world today that have absolutely nothing and rely solely on the good will of others,” says Tammy. Having a family of her own was of high importance to her. Being able to overcome the possibilities of infertility due to cancer cells within her reproductive organs, Tammy and her husband Bruce were ecstatic to welcome the birth of their daughter in 2006. Feeling as if her life is bountiful she is giving back to the world through being an avid volunteer serving as a Director for G2OK, helping orphans in need. She has personally provided and delivered care packages and supplies to orphans in Mexico and Namibia. She feels that providing personal attention in the form of a party for the orphans is integral to providing hope for children. Tammy is thrilled to be working with G2OK to educate others on orphan need, fundraise and visit these forgotten children."
FROM www.give2orphankids.org

25 Most Beautiful in Pageantry Nomination


Please vote for me at the above link for the 25 most beautiful women in pageantry.  Approximately 300 women were nominated, so if you don't click "like" on my photo, I'm sure there's someone there that you will "like"  Have a great day and support pageantry by voting!  I'm so happy to be nominated.  Who would've ever thought a 49 year old woman would be considered for such an honor? Thank you for voting, Tammy

Assembling care packages for our overseas troops with The Ladies Auxiliary.  My daughter, husband and I teamed with the Ladies Auxiliary to put as many items into those care packages as possible!  Trust me when I say those boxes were packed solid with items such as Girl Scout cookies (thanks to VFW Post 12009), candy and personal care items as well as anything else we could think of that they would like.  Thank you so much to our troops for keeping America safe. 

Race to Read Program

The Race to Read Program is such a great learning tool.  Each year, the kids, staff and parents of Elk Creek Elementary participate/volunteer for this wonderful program.  My daughter was struggling with her desire to read and this program not only gave her a new found appreciation (and skill level) for reading, but encouraged her to go for top honors.  She represented Elk Creek at the finale of the program having her name displayed on the illuminated banner at Bandimere Speedway during the Night of Fire and Thunder Races.  This type of encouragement as well as coupons, certificates and gifts led the children to new goals in reading.  I guess an earned bookmark is more encouraging than any mother (ie me).  Whatever it takes!  I'm definitely a proponent of this program.  Volunteerism starts at home and working with her and other children to develop better skills and an appreciation for reading was a rewarding accomplishment for all.  Way to go Tiffany and everyone who participated in the program!  To learn more about Race to Read, please click on the following link:
Volunteering with the Girl Scouts/Daisy program is such a rewarding experience.  The girls had their bridging ceremony today celebrating the completion of the Daisy program.  They will now move on to the Brownie program with Girl Scouts.  The girls made new friends, shared ideas and tried new and exciting things.  Their cookie sale was a great success.  I was so proud of my own daughter for selling the most cookies in her troop (over 500 boxes) and helping to earn her way to Girl Scout camp this summer.  We are looking forward to next year!
American Dream Magazine
I am honored that my article "Building Better Lives for Orphans Through Orphan Awareness" is published in American Dream Magazine!  Please click on the link below and go to page 40 to read the article.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to write for this magazine.  Being able to share information on the plight of orphans in this magazine is truly a blessing.  I look forward to writing for them in the future as well! Thank you American Dream Magazine!
Los 3 Garcias Restaurant
Send-off/Good Luck Party

The love and support my friends, family and community showed for my good luck party was outstanding!

We dined on fajitas and had a few (hundred) good laughs.  The little ladies had a great time trying on the Mrs Colorado International crown.....their smiles were as bright as the rhinestones!

 Mrs Colorado International 2012 and her lovely mother were on hand to join in on the festivities.... both beautiful as always!  I cannot put in words how blessed and special everyone made me feel. Thank you all for the wonderful presents and most of all, for believing in me. 

Approximately 6 hours ago, I received notification to evacuate my home due to a wildfire burning within just a few miles of our property.  Have you ever had a moment of complete clarity?  You just know what it is you have to do.  In a two year time span, I have been through a hurricane, a flood, a tornado, an earthquake and 2 wild fires.  God must have big plans for me as I realize that in every instance, my family and I came out ok.  So many things in my life are nice to have, clothes, food, cars, a home.....but when each tragedy struck, my drive was to save my family.  Period.  I look forward to the opportunities and doors that God opens for me in the future as I cannot imagine I am here by coincidence.  My daughter and pets are all safe staying with friends (my husband will arrive shortly from a business trip).  I often ponder and/or laugh at why during each of these life threatening emergencies that my husband was away.  I suppose I am an emergency expert at this point, lol!  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughtful messages.  Please continue to pray that our home does not perish.